Harrison M250

I am considering creating a "Hobby" workshop and have the offer of
purchasing a Harrison M250.
Would the group feel that this is too big for model type work? First
project would probably be a small IC engine typically of the Jan
Ridders design.
I spent some years in sub contract machining in the dim and distant
past so have a reasonable degree of experience.
The Harrison is of interest because
1 its local
2 its full metric and imperial
3 its £500
4 Comes with 3 jaw, 4 jaw, faceplate, fixed steady, quick change
toolpost and two holders, additional change gears.
Needs a good clean up and motor changed to single phase.
Any comments? Negative or positive. Any particular points on the m/c
that need checking out?
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Electricky Dicky
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If its not a really tired old hack then Id certainly give it a go. Its easier to do small on a large machine that large on a small machine... sounds equiped enough that you could be making things quickly. Not sure how easy a remotor a modern Harrison, but my L5 was dead easy. Id consider an inverter drive if you can, I put a newton tesla on mine and it makes the speed range much more flexible, and has fwd/ rev as well.
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dave sanderson
Grab it!
Even if beat to heck, it'll outcut a Myford any day.
Small work on a big lathe is way easier than big work on a small lathe.
Like as not, once you have it, you will find yourself with projects too large to fit comfortably. That is the nature of having a lathe! :-)
Cheers Trevor Jones
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Trevor Jones

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