Help on Harrison Mill operation or Electrics.

I am having fun with a Harrison Mill, it has an Autocycle position on it.
Now I am expecting it to go to the end and reverse the table travel, but it
does not! Can anyone explain the autocycle to me on one of these machines.
Of course it could be faulty but the 3 microswitches all work and feed back
to the contactors, does anyone have a copy of the electrical diagramme for
one of these machine, all costs covered of course.
Cheers Adrian.
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Adrian Hodgson
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Adrian,not sure about the Harrison but we have a few mills with auto cycle.The limit switches are usually as follows.One of the limit switches is home position and the table should be on that at cycle end.When you press cycle start the fast traverse and feed are energised through relays/contactors the table moves in fast traverse until the second limit switch is made,this breaks the holding circuit on the fast traverse but leaves the table moving at feed rate.When the table hits the third limit switch it reverses the direction and brings the fast traverse back on. As the table moves back it passes over the second switch which does not change the circuit and carries on to the home switch which breaks the auto cycle holding circuit and stops the table. Regards,Mark
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Mark McGrath

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