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I'm there all weekend ;)

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Lester Caine
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What an overcrowded show!

Went on the Friday to avoid the crowds.

Got there 1 hour after opening.

Had to park in large field 1/4 mile away as main car park that we used in the past already chock full.

Went to say "hello" to Lester.

Most interesting exhibit? Actually it was a Meccano creation recirculating glass marbles by bouncing them along a series of 3 trampolines. Making that Archimedean screw to lift the marbles must have needed some patience and not a few swear words!

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I'm sorry but I disagree. The parking in the field was exactly the same as the last three years about an hour after opening, which is when I normally get there. Perhaps *you* were lucky last year. Your 1/4 mile is more like 200m.

I've just driven 140 miles for the very reason that it's not yet the victim of its own success and is now the only show which has both a superb display of models of the highest quality and excellent attendance by 'national' traders (Myford, Warco, Arc etc,) as well as little guys. I find the Bristol show to be the best of the lot because, although busy, it's

*not* overcrowded and you can get to talk to both the stallholders and get to see the models without having to indulge in physical violence!

I'll never go to the Ally Pally again because that *is* overcrowded!

YMMV! --

Chris Edwards (in deepest Dorset) "....there *must* be an easier way!"

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Chris Edwards

?? Try Harrogate, 12,000 turned up on the Friday.

Why ? Every one turns up on Friday to avoid the crowds and so makes a crowd. They say I'm not coming on Saturday as it's crowed with the public but in truth it's less crowded on a Saturday. You do get the odd kids there, always well behaved but these are far easier to get round than V8 zimmer frames with 27 spot lights,

In which case you must have parked in Tesco's car park as it doesn't cover a 1/4 mile area.

Are you sure you went to the same show ? What about Clen Thompson's 24 cylinder Napier Deltic and his H 24 Aero engine in build. It's hard at Bristol to define models as the display is so varied and the workmanship so good it had to be the best show for models. Unlike most of the other shows you don't get a loco stuffed in your face at every turn.

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John Stevenson

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