Carbide Insert lathe tools

on my cnc lathe I currently use a Kennametal toolholder with a DCMT
tip. It works well, but I now need some more tools. To expand my
range using these toolholders would be expensive -list at J&L is £44
+vat (less the usual haggling). I noticed that Chronos have a set of
Glanz tools using the DCMT tip (left, centre, right & boring tool) for
£44.68+vat the set. Has anyone used these, if so are they any good?
At that price I'd be mad to buy more Kennametal ones.
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Kevin Steele
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Talk to John S, he had a small set of insert tools that he was making/selling, looked very nice to my eyes....
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Peter A Forbes
I haven't used the Chronos/Glanze DCMT tools (although I was thinking of getting a set). I _have_ used their CCMT tools and have found them to be quite good.
Mark Rand RTFM
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Mark Rand
I'll back that up (Hi Mark BTW) but also look at ebay ..... I have a suite (or possibly a sweet cos they're pretty cute) of Komet boring bars 8,10,12mm and they've cost me a total of 20 quid including postage and the tips are a couple of quid from JB Cutting tools (see them at shows)......Real world value of that lot would be nearer 200 quid BTW, Komet are stupidly expensive...... they take TCT06 tips. I have a set from Chronos that take mostly DCMT tips and they're great at what they do, but I've found myself building a big plain toolpost to put 1" industrial tools on my Myford cos they can be picked up for scrap prices, the tips are generally very cheap (apart from VBMT's) and they don't suffer from chatter ...... hopefully will have toolpost on show at Sandown or Ally Pally..... there's other bits for it too, milling head, dividing attachment, knurler etc.....
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hi kev. i bought a set of the glanze tools and to be honest they ar
superb! i bought the 10mm sq holders originally for my ML7 then i got harrison and found them to be great on that, and they can cope wit fairly deep roughing cuts, you can now buy them i think in 12m holders, but i would recomend making your own holders from a bit of s mild,(need a vertical milling machine) i have made several and tailo the holder to the tips, i just scribe around the tip and cut out a close as poss to the line, the torx screw is if i remember rightly is m2 thread, if you look on my website you can see one ive made a
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under the "workshop tools" section, (firs photo on that page, bottom of the photo,).
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