Clarkson Tool & Cutter Grinder MK1

I have recently aquired a Clarkson mk1 grinder and it is all set up and
working. Now the question, what is the purpose of the four 3/4ins and
the four 5/8ins holes on the right hand side of the top slide ?
John Quirke
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I'll have to go and look at ours, but I think it is for mounting one of the many accessories for the machine, assuming you have a standard setup in the first place.
There are new manuals on ebay (March Engineering) for £15 plus post, same price as March were selling them for before they went down the tubes.
What accessories do you have?
Peter -- Peter & Rita Forbes Email: Web:
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Peter A Forbes
Or, of course, a certain cynical trader has a CD full of tool & cutter grinder instructions, including the clarkson mk1 -try searching tool & cutter on ebay. Lots more instructions for less cash.
Regards Kevin
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Kevin Steele
2 centres (one half round) on brackets 1 Universal bracket with 9 adapter bushes (all paralell bores) 1 Mandrel for holding Clarkson "Deadlock cutters" 1 Toolrest for spiral work with holder mounted on rotating base 1 Toolrest for general work with holder mounted on T slot 1 Plain grinding wheel 1 Cup grinding wheel Asortment of tool rest tips John
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