Stent Tool and Cutter Grinder - Magazine Article

Has anyone access to the original (Model Engineers Workshop) magazine
article on the Stent grinder and could run me off either a scan or a
Is there a mail list for builders of the Stent such as exists for the
Quorn "20 years of ball handle turning, 3 kids, 2 workshops, a divorce
and a funeral" design?
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Martin Evans
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I have every copy and am willing to oblige. However a quick scan on Colin Ushers MEW index only brings up two entries for Stent, one a letter in issue 99 Scribe a line, and the second an article by Giles Parkes in MEW 108 entitled "Stent Modifications". Neither sound like what you are asking for.
Dick Gays, Leicester, UK.
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Dick Gays
If you look in the ME index, it would seem that the construction articles are in issues 3910, 3912, 3914, 3916, 3918, 3920, and 3922. (part Vol 167, part vol 168), and not in MEW at all. So I don't have them (I gave away my ME collection a while back).
Regards, Tony
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Tony Jeffree

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