In 5C size you can get emergency and oversize collets. Can you get the same for Morse taper (MT2/MT3) collets? Any suppliers out there?

I know you can get blank MT arbours, but that's not quite the same thing.

(just bought a new rotary table, which has a MT2 hole in the center)

-- Peter Fairbrother

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MT2 is normally a tool-holding collet and tools have accurately ground standard-sized shanks.

I've turned an extra 0.500" spigot on the end of work to hold it in an MT2 collet on my rotary table. Here a collet holds the centering plug:

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A Morse equivalent to Stephenson's 5C-ER adapter:
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I prefer this style of 5C index to a spin index for milling, since it can be locked up tighter:
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