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While trawling through Ebay I spotted what looks like a fairly well priced ( I think) DRO system here:

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Has anyone tried this stuff out or any opinions on it? Might be an answer for me to hang on to my current mill (metric) I had been looking for a Bridgeport to pop up for sale in Scotland, but so far the only one I have seen was too expensive.

I have posted before and the general feeling was to go for a real BP and not go the Warco VMC or Super Major route.

The advantages there are

A: It's new and Warco seem to have fairly good reputation for after sales sevice (on here) and the price is delivered.

B: I don't have the hassle of trying to get a BP up from England, or have to travel down to view a second hand machine.

Any thoughs on the DRO? and would there be any reason why one of those could not be used on a lathe (obviously some functions would be wasted)


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Look at Shumatech.com for excellent priced DRO systems. I have one o


-- marshen

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I've just bought a digiatl scale unit from Chronos - unfortunately it has no operating instructions. Can anyone tell me where I can find these? The unit has: 2 arrow buttons (up and down), and in/mm button, and ABS/INC button, a SET button and ON/OFF. I've trawled the web but can't even find out who makes these. Regards, Joe.

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