Servo Motors

I have just collected a box of Servo Motors.

Several of them are just the motor part and have two connections and an earth for the case.

The motors look as though they are just 24 volt electric motors that will run in either direction, thought I would check before trying this out.

Quite a few have connections from encoders but not to sure, are there any users of these things that could provide more information I Was to post more information and say the odd picture.

Is there anything to stop me using these as pure DC electric motors or not as I would guess that with a PWM controller they would make very good and high powered units.



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Adrian Hodgson
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Try with a small battery, perhaps 2 x AAA's, and see. That shouldn't hurt anything.

Generally motors with encoders are normal DC motors, and can be used as such

- though a pwm controller isn't ideal - but YMMV as they say, and no-one can say for sure without more info.

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Peter Fairbrother

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