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2 parts to an earth rod Q.

On advice on another thread - I need to install an Earth rod when a new TT circuit is installed. What size rod do I need ? Looking at some of the the information I have it seems to be that an 8' rod is needed ? ..... how is this achieved if you use for example the standard TLC 2/8" (9mm) rod which is only 1.2m long ? It has no threaded section so you can't join them together like you can with 5/8" rod Or is 4' (1.2m) long enough for domestic install ?

The 2nd part is where every post I have found gives a different answer - the protective earth cable from the rod (in its inspection box) will be

6491X single cored green/yellow PVC insulated, and carried in flexible conduit to the termination point about 2m in total. So at no time is it in contact with the ground though for about 1m the flexible conduit is buried, as it routes to the termination point. I see cable size stated from 2.5 to 16 mm2 The TT circuit it is protecting is 6mm2 32A (via SWA underground cable) RCD protected What is the correct size earthing conductor to use ?

Or as some time in future there may be a need to export PME ... should I use 10mm ?

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