Enamel paint (Myford colour)

I have a Boxford stand for my Myford lathe, because it was a steal. I cleaned it up and painted it with red oxide but I'd like to paint it to match the lathe. I have a small tin of genuine Myford paint that came with the lathe, but don't think it would cover the stand.

Any good sources for this paint - not too worried about an exact match

- anything sort of battleship grey will do!!

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Myford still sell the stuff. However, when I wanted to paint my green Myford stand to match my grey lathe, I think I used grey non-hammer finish Hammerite in spraycans. Did an OK job & close enough to not look out of place.

Regards, Tony

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Tony Jeffree

Another option is the enamel sold by various agricultural outlets for painting machinery such as tractors. One I've used with good results is "Tractol" in Ferguson Grey. This is very similar to Myford enamel, and is tough and oil proof. The colour was a reasonably close match, which I improved by adding a dash of "Joy" black enamel.


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I painted mine with the grey enamel bought from Myford, but when I had to finish off a couple of small bits and couldn't be bothered to set up the spray gun again, I found that the 'Plasti-Kote Super Gloss Project Paint' in a spraycan is a very close match to the 'new' paint colour that Myford supply.


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Peter Neill

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