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Hello has any body got any experiance with the tool grinding fixture from J & L stock No atifx-350048 its a fixture for grinding end mills slot drills on the flutes as well as the ends from 3/16" - 1 1/4" dia on a surface grinder, have you bought one and thought that was a waste of money or are they the best thing since sliced bread when you don't have the space for both surface & tool & cutter grinding machines or do they take a lot of setting up do get good results because with the price of regrinds today it would'nt tale long to pay for itself Cheers Colin

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Colin Wildgust
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I'd rather get mine done professionally;) What price have you been quoted for regrinds? I pay £3 for ends only on fairly large cutters. Small ones go into the bin or turned into boring tools for the lathes.


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Wayne Weedon

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