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Hi Folks,
I'm looking for someone to fabricate a small run of a prototype
component for me.
The Material is 18 gauge flat aluminium sheet, with 6 off 3mm holes, 1
off 7.5 mm hole and 2 off 2mm holes.
Required tolerance on positioning and size would be 0.1mm ish.
The component dimension is 61mm x 31mm.
What would be the cheapest method, for a small (say 100 off) batch ?.
What would be the cheapest method for a 1000+ batch
laser/water cutting? pressing or what other method?.
Who in the UK is capable/willing to do this sort of thing.
thanks Mike.
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Mike W
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I would think that you need a company that has an Amada type turret press for this. These use standard tooling sets with a variety of punch/pierce sets in a turret system and is CNC driven. They just program in your part size, load a big sheet on the bed and press a button. Ok, thats a bit simplified but you get the idea. Whereabouts in the country are you? Have a google for Amada Press and see what comes up. HTH
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Peter Neill
I've used a local firm in Stockport that does CNC punch & fold work:
formatting link
Regards, Tony
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Tony Jeffree
Thankyou for the posts, I'm looking into it. Google searches would be easier if I knew the relevant jargon. Seasons Wotzits, Mike
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Mike W
G'day to you all For all of you that might require 1 Off or short run components have a look at the following link,
formatting link
For any of you who are computer literate, or at least can race a mouse around a desk top, then this site could be very useful. Even if you don't use the service offered you will have an idea of how much things are likely to cost and indeed whether they can be manufactured at all. I have not used this service in anger personally, yet, but I do know of organisations that have and have been very impressed with service.
Phil Allen
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Philip Allen

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