I want to cut several hundred accurately sized "washers" from fine (more than 300) stainless mesh, about 35mm OD and 15mm ID.

Any suggestions as to how?

I thought of cutting squares, stacking layers, glueing them together, machining into a hollow cylinder of the correct size, then ungluing them somehow, but I'm not very confident about that.

An alternative might be to use a press, but I haven't got one. I don't mind buying one - way back when, I once used a flypress for a week (the normal operator was sick) cutting out circles in sheet and punching holes and stuff - but I'd have to make the dies as well as buy a press, and center them somehow.

Is that a medium or huge amount of work?

What sort of press would I need?

Any other suggestions?


-- Peter Fairbrother

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Peter Fairbrother
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Get a local waterjet or laser cutter to cut them - far less hassle than setting up to do it unless you are going to repeat the process at some time and probably cheaper as well.


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Andrew Mawson


I've got a flypress and punches and dies up to 35mm so you could try punching some if you wanted to come over or send me some mesh and I'll try doing some.

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David Billington

a ) drill/punch centre holes on a grid, cut squares, turn two thick end washers, bolt the stack and soak it in melted jewelers wax for glue - it'll melt and burn off clean after machining;

b) check to see if a chassis punch would make waste that matches your size. How about is your about?

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