Follow up ...Found 240 volt LED Pilot Lights Cheap.

Well at least you don't have to rely on someone from Hong Kong's miss-
information on ebay
Thought id fill you all in on a bit of info ..
Passing this on to help others they have helped me ...
These two sites sell stuff far cheaper prices that the RS site
does...sometimes ten times as cheap ! ...and good quality to boot
Here you see 240 volt powered LEDS indicator/pilot lights (yes they
do exist )
formatting link

I've been on the phone to them ...they are very friendly ....and he
says ...yes ...they run strait off 240v they have a cap or something
in them ,....that sorts it all out .
they are 88 pence each ....
my local edmonson electrical wanted =A39.50 for the same item !
This company say they supplied that very shop.
Ive ordered a pile off them ...should be with me tomorrow ....with
Another company
This company can supply you with other stuff ...emergency
stops ...mcb's...contactors at good prices........nice 100 page
catalogue supplied with first order
had my emergency stops off them for =A34.85 each
formatting link

All the best...markj
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