Gareth's double standards exposred again!

A fellow Gareth watcher pointed out some of Gareth's recent posts on UKRME:

Here are the extracts:

" I don't know who "made" it - it was sold to me by someone who had built one, and changed his mind about building another."

Hmm, not built it yourself then. Do you have the equivalent of CBers in model engineering?

"If either of you is interested in a boiler kit for the same (firebox plates are shaped but not drilled) then I have one for disposal - I have decided against the Simplex because of its fire being a poor steam producer"

Fettled, is it Gareth? Had you not thought of using HOT AIR as a heat source, energy being transmitted by "heat band radiation"?

"But it's not "made" as such- it's a kit for which the plates are already flanged but not drilled."

Sounds fettled to me. Is the local rubbish tip full of your fettled cast offs then?

"£100 (What I paid for it a couple of years ago)"

That is enough so by booze for a day or so Gareth! Things a bit tight again?

"The reason that I bought it was because I'd just received my driving instruction on one, ...."

Oh, you needed instruction? I thought you always taught yourself?


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Gareth S Nemisis
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"Gareth watcher"? Doesn't that get a bit boring and its not like you are actually going to learn anything from him, is it?

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Brian Reay

"Gareth S Nemisis"

Please do us a favour and shut up- you're getting as bad as the person you are watching.


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