Has anyone got a manual for a Wicksteed Hacksaw 8"?

As per Subject, seemingly a rare beast!
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Mike Perkins
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We had an 8" Wicksteed Econicut saw at work for forty years. It's still there, I'm not anymore...
I never saw any manuals for it.
Suds in the suds tank, oil in the oil tank of the hydraulic cylinder and, preferably, way oil to the nipples on the ram. Grease does work, but not ideal. Grease on all other lubrication points.
Tony's site has some documentation:-
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Regards Mark Rand
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Mark Rand
This is a Hydramatic. One date on a label is 1964. I bought it not realising the size and weight!
I'm puzzled that the wiring to the rear had a neutral wire which when pulled, came away. The wire was longer than the phase wires and was sporting a single strand where the other strands had become broken or cut? I don't see why it would need a neutral, even with a two speed motor. Its not obvious it was ever connected to anything but concerned none the less.
Yes, not so cheap for a PDF.
Many thanks.
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Mike Perkins

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