Heads up welder offer and welding advice, please

Some of you may be interested in this:

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Now the advice, what is the max. thickness of metal you could probably weld with this size of welder?



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Brian Reay
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At a guess, probably about 1/8 inch. Although it may be able to supply

160 A, it almost certainly won't be able to supply that current continuously, so it'll keep cutting out on you, which'll be annoying. If I were you, I'd buy a used Oxford 180 A set instead. Then you can have 180 A for as long as you like. Plus the welder will probably outlive you!

Best wishes,


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Christopher Tidy

The last Welder Aldi sold had a batch with two current range switches, "max/min" and "1/2" one of which was wired the wrong way round, easy fix but confusing for a new starter.


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Steve W

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