Howto enlarge an 8mm hole ?

I have an 8mm hole in a piece of 3mm ally plate (a patr for an electric
helicopter sya), unfortunately while the hole is in the correct place,
it is not the right size. Does anyone know the right way to enlarge
it to 10mm without chewing the work up ? I'm thinking "taper reamer"
but am happy to be corrected. If taper reamer is correct then does
anyone know where to buy one cheap ? (It only needs to be good for a
single hole so I don't want to spend more than necessary).
Many thanks,
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Well a 10mm drill bit springs to mind as a rather good way of making a 10mm hole. You certainly don't want a taper reamer.
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Dave Baker
...or a slightly smaller drill followed by a 10mm (parallel) reamer to finish, if the finished size needs to be accurate.
Regards, Tony
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Tony Jeffree

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