Leather washers

Does anyone have experience of manufacturing leather cup washers?
I am refurbishing a small hydraulic jack which, apart from not holding
it's fluid, is in excellent condition. Over the course of the past
seventy odd years the two leather washers 'which do the business' have
become very brittle and need replacement.
They are cup washers as per bicycle pump. The ram washer is 1" dia.
cupped to 1/4" deep , made from 1/8" thick leather. The pump washer is
1/2" diameter otherwise the same.
What is the best way to produce these I wonder? Or, by any good chance
are such items still available commercially?
Any pointers gratefully received.
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Mike Whittome
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Unless you are going for historical authenticity, I suggest you get rubber cup seals from a seal supplier.
try asking Mantek, Tel 01252 343 335, they can supply in small quantities by post ( they are in Aldershot )
Hope this helps
-- Jonathan
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Jonathan Barnes
Or you could turn a plain seal from ptfe, it is what is done to replace the leather cup seal in an airgun.
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Martin L
If you go ahead with the leather idea you need to know there are two distinct curing methods, which I learnt the hard way:( Good continental,British and American leather is chromate treated which leaves a dark blue line in cross section between the coloured layer and the base. Most third world leather is vegetable treated and doesn't shew the blue line, it's much less tough and quickly becomes brittle when heated (I was using it as a washer under a safety valve).
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Ken Parkes

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