lifting a colchester student lathe

hi all, finally got a colchester student lathe can anyone please tell me the base diamentions as i need to pull it across concrete, i was going to make and bend a sheet of metal like a sled to drag it accross concrete to the doorway then the hiab can do the rest of the work, any advice on the lifting and where to sling etc i know there was a posting a few months back on "how not to lift a colchester" any advice would be a great help many thanks keith in swindon

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I move my harrison L5 by sliding it on 2" angle irons, pointed corner up. small jack and slide under, then just move along with a pinch bar. Ive shifted mine 3 times like this... one day Ill get the layout correct...



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dave sanderson

I like the sliding methond aswell. Beats rollers on lighter stuff and crap concrete surfaces. I used 22mm bright bar.

Colchester round head manual available here:

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Charles Ping

I have used strips of PE (about 3mm thick). They are cheap and did work really good. I was able to pull a 350..400 kg shaper all alone.


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Nick Mueller

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