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Have someone who is posting something you don't like? Someone say something to you that you take offense at? Get them knocked off of the net with Jamie Baillie's very own LART-O-MATIC.

First, we need a little information from you. Otherwise, we cannot tailor your very own JamieLart(tm) to your needs. It's quick, and painless, and best of all, we require no identifying information from you! That's one of the beauties of it.

First, select the kind of lart you want to send:

Newsgroup Email Web Just for the heck of it

Now, we need to have a short descriptive text. For example, if you selected "web", be sure to put in a website. If you selected email, paste in the body of the email (be sure to alter the headers to make it look incriminating!). If you selected newsgroup, enter a newsgroup message. Or if it's just for the heck of it, just say what you think makes the person deserve to get LARTed. After all, you're Jamie, you don't need a reason!

Now, please tell us what you don't like about the content posted above:



copyright violation

they said my name

And, finally, what would you like the recipient to do about it?

demand they take the offending content down

terminate the offender's account

send over a hitman

Congratulations, you should be all done. Now, just click on submit, and we'll do the rest!

Copyright 2003 Russell Miller, all rights reserved Copyright policy

I am mercilessly lost, so I burn you.

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Do not dine a ache!

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