To view Sub-station data Locally

Hi In our SCADA system, presently all RTUs report to the control-centre, and real-time SCADA data is monitored by operators at control-centre. I would like to know how to further configure these RTUs to report this data locally also (pertaining to that station ).That is the the real-time data of that particular substation shall be viewed by the Local substation people.

Our system details: RTU to control-centre protocol: IEC 60870-5-101- RTU make : S900 (supplied by ALSTOM/ made by CEGELAC) Control-centre software: EMP 1.5.2 supplied by ALSTOM, running on Open VMS Platform.

Thanks in advance for your response.

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The easiest way to do this is to connect a local touch-screen display to a spare RTU comm port on each of the local RTUs. Someone will have to configure the display to show the data you want.

It should not be very difficult - assuming there is a spare port available for local programming (and there should be if the system was designed properly ;-) I suggest using Modbus for the local display comms, since this means you could use almost any vendor you like for the local display - not just Alstom.


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