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--Hey gang; just back from the California Delta Steamboat Meet:
great fun! This year we at least tied the record with 21 steamers by my
count, including two sternwheelers. We also had a 1/4 scale Case traction
engine, the "Likamobile", which is similar to a Locomobile, and the infamous
steam powered Margarita blender.
--While at the event I had a chance to look at a 1953 vintage
catalog that was put out by Anton Bohaboy. Amongst other offerings there
were several poppet valve engines mentioned. I'd be grateful if anyone in
this group might have more info to pass along about Mr. Bohaboy; i.e. any
links to existing drawings of his engines.
--Sadly there's a creepy guy (guess who?) who has amassed much of
the effects of Mr Bohaboy's estate, including all of the patterns for all
of his engines, who has no desire to do anything more than sit on them, so
sightings of remaining artefacts in the 'wild' are greatly valued by those
of us who want to push the envelope a bit.
--And one must wonder who's up to what with poppet valve steam
engines? Is anyone building these any more? I've got a yen to build a
3-cylinder engine to the Bohaboy design; hope to get to cutting metal post
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