Looking for some collets

Just bought a speed increaser off Ebay and from the picture both myself and the seller thought it was on ER25 collets but on collecting it today it appears not.

After a bit of searching it appears they are DIN 6388A series and type

410 or 415. The only difference between these two is one is single split and one is double. Here's a spec sheet, we are looking at the top two.

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Does anyone have any of these laying about ? Looking for small sizes ideally 2.5mm and 3mm for starters.

Yes I could get the nose machined out for ER's and make a new nut but I'm not. Worst case is to make some collets up and get them hardened professionally but I like to explore the S/H collet option first.

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John Stevenson Nottingham, England.

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I noticed the other day someone offering a selection of different collets on ebay, I think some were that style (though maybe bigger). Worth trying a search, though they might have finished by now.

Cheers Tim Dutton Dry-Dock Traditional & Modern canal craft repairs Vintage diesel engine service

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