[?] Looking for 0.5mm diameter loose sprung contact pins.


Can anyone in this NG suggest any manufacturer/supplier of 0.5mm diameter loose sprung contact pins, preferably gold plated?

The overall length of the pins is not critical (within reasonable limits), and they can be solder tag or crimp-on type.

We need to purchase at least a few hundred of these pins so that we can manufacture a number of suitable connector plugs to mate with the female multi-way socket fitted to SONY TCD-D7 and TCD-D8 DAT recorders.

Unfortunately SONY spares can no longer supply suitable plugs to fit these machines, and the various people offering SONY spares and accessories on the rec.audio.pro newsgroup can not help either, so we have to 'go-it-alone'.

Each recorder has a seven pin socket, configured as two rows, one row with three sockets and the other with four. Each socket is 0.6mm in diameter, around 2.5mm deep, and they are spaced around 1.5mm apart horizontally, and the two rows are 2mm apart. The individual sockets do not, unusually, have spring retainers so the pins of any plug need to be suitably sprung in order to ensure a positive fit.

This is how the socket appears when looking into it:-

------------- | o o o o | | | | o o o / |___________/

Any suggestions about suitable (preferably UK based) sources of pins or other likely connectors that can be used, or modified, will be most gratefully received.

Many thanks,

- David Chapman

David C.Chapman - Chartered Engineer. FIEE. ( snipped-for-privacy@iee.org)

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