advantages of cable lacing?

cable lacing... a lost art.

Is there anything that a laced cable-bundle does better than a tie-wrapped cable-bundle?

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I think it looks nicer, but functionally I don't believe there is any difference. Both methods keep the wires neat and organized.


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Matt Whiting

Indeed there is a difference, notably in the aviation world.

Look inside the avionics bay of a commercial jet sometime. Come to think of it, look at the innards of any piece of older avionics gear that uses point-to-point wiring instead of, or in addition to, a printed circuit backplane. What you'll see is the absence of tie-wraps, and an abundance of laced cable harnesses.

I used to work at Boeing, and I had some friends in the Wire Design group. I asked about this very question once. I was told that tie-wraps are not favored for two reasons.

(1) If the tension on the tie-wrap is too high, it can crush fragile coaxial cables.

(2) It's much easier to damage wire insulation under tie-wraps in a high-vibration environment. Lacing twine is nowhere near as sharp along its edges, and thus does not nick or cut said insulation.

Keep the peace(es).

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Dr. Anton T. Squeegee

I have made some laced cable assemblies and they are really superior to any other method of running wires. The best way to do it is to great a map of where the cables go, then lay it out on a board with nails at the breaks. You lay your wires out, pulling the branches out at the nails and start lacing. Once done, you trim the branches to length and attach the terminals. They also make a cloth based tape, similar to the old friction tape, with less glue that you can wrap the bundle with for more protection. That really makes a nice assembly if you are restoring an old Harley or something.

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It's like "Sourcery" I tell you....look em up'

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Roy Q.T.

anytime :) glad I have em on file

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Roy Q.T.

Thanks Roy, much appreciated!

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wire ties in closed quarter, already run cable work is fine, but, when you want to bunch several different conductors or cables prior to the run, they can be very annoying and they hinder the smooth passage of the cables over edges and corners, where as a laced bundle would run smooth & faster anytime.

i guess it all depends on job specifics., that company I mentioned has a terrific system., i have a sample chunk of the stuff here, it's really fine, a whole bunch (+50) of 14/12/10 awgs in a tight bunch i would happily run even through pipe, they spin anything up for you in a roll. the twine is made of tuff nylon tape about =BC in. wide and has a nylon pull in it so you really don't have to splice until you're home.

This isn't fresh or too old so, here.,

I have a contact:

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Roy Q.T.

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