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I am stuck with a machining problem. A cast steel bar 1" diameter with a square recess of sides of 9/16" and 29/32" deep forged (cast?) in on end of the bar longitudinally and having a radius at the bottom from one side of the square to the other opposite, the other two sides of the square being square ...... if you see what I mean. How to machine these internal surfaces is the problem.

My only solutions at the moment are spark erosion or CNC...... but I do not have access to either of those .... so any innovative ideas please that could be used in a typical ME workshop with lathe, mill and drill.

An alternate is do away with the radiused bottom making it flat and have rounded internal corners to the square but I rather not resort to that at this stage.

The item being machined is a cross head which is in a finished state except for theses internal surfaces.

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Alan Marshall
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