merry xmas

Seasons Greetings everyone.
And however good it's been:
I hope you have a better one.
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On or around Sun, 24 Dec 2006 20:06:03 +0000, bigegg enlightened us thusly:
You've been peeping at me in the workshop...
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Lord Austin the Ebullient of H
Wot no body filler?
Don't drink too much. ;-)
Dutton Dry-Dock Traditional & Modern canal craft repairs Vintage diesel engine service
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Tim Leech
You _can't_ drink too much at crimble. ~~
We had a traditional Christmas eve meal... Bulgogi. We are going to have a traditional Christmas dinner... Duck. That's what happens when you make a drunk (me) do the cooking :-)
Have a good one everybody.
Mark Rand RTFM
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Mark Rand
I do like duck, but WTF is bulgogi?
Regards Kevin
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Kevin Steele

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