Mini powered hacksaw

Are there any designs for a small powered hacksaw that uses normal 12"
blades? Are normal blades okay for this sort of use?
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James Lugsden
Model Engineers' Workshop Isusues 111 and 112 had an article on a small power hacksaw using normal blades and driven by a windscreen wiper motor.
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Norman Billingham
I bought one of the Kennedy ones years ago that used broken saw blades or short new ones. It had a max capacity of about 2-1/2" and it was unbelievable slow, twice as slow as using the same blade by hand. Cutting time for 2" mild steel was something like 1/2 hour, given it had a 1/4 HP motor on it that's a lot of power used for a small return.
Some of the newer bench bandsaw's take up little room, are portable, cost about the same and can mitre. -- Regards,
John Stevenson Nottingham, England.
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John Stevenson
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do a casting set for a 3" power hacksaw, and also sell the plans. But I don't know what size blades it takes.
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M Cuthill
That's definately the way to go. Bandsaws are so much quicker than hacksaws. Nwo I've got a band saw I'd never go back to a hacksaw. And as John says there are some realy nice compact bench ones available now, just tuck them away under the bench when not in use -easy to carry to where you want to use them, and don't take up any floor space.
Regards Kevin
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Kevin Steele
A bandsaw is always cutting whilst a powered hacksaw spends half its time in "retreat" so a bandsaw must be twice as fast straight out of the blocks.
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Steve W
Anybody have first hand experience of the small bandsaws like the CY90 here?
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Charles Ping
I've had one of the Blackgates saws for many years and it's main virtue is a small footprint on a crowded bench top. Even WARCO's smallest bandsaw takes up too much space for my small workshop when it's in the 'up' position. I agree the powered hacksaw is slow and normally cuts about the same speed as the one John S. has experienced. However, a course blade and a bit of hand pressure on the cutting arm with a 1/3 hp motor & it will cut reasonably quickly. Also, if the slide ways are correctly set up it will cut perfectly straight - something I seldom achieve by hand or with many of the bandsaws I've tried. Unfortunately, it will not take a standard 12" blade, but only 10" ones but I pick these up readily at the ME exhibitions.
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Here's a compromise for you, by Goodall
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I bought the slightly larger 4"x 6" model from Warco last year. Despite first appearances looking extremely shoddy it has performed very well, coping with everything from 1/2" stainless to ally blocks to 41/2" MS all on the original chinese blade. With a little ingenuity it will cut up to 8" wide plate, and probably a bit more if the front of the guides are machined back slightly. Can't imagine life without it now.
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Peter Neill
I was wondering about those - they look like the Chinese equivalent of the C3 or C6 lathe.
Any first hand experience reports would be most useful - there are lots of them around, and the price can be well less than a ton. They all seem very similar.
One problem though - they all still have that silly stupid design of vice/workholder, actually common to all bandsaws of that type.
We want to hold the last inch of the 100 mm dia stock bar and cut off a 3 +/- 0.5 mm slice. We need jaws on both sides. It's not that hard, get it right!
When we want to mitre the double vice swings too, with the blade, but not the work/stock - it's really very easy.
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Peter Fairbrother
Dad & I looked at various small bandsaws at Harrogate & Pickering last year. We thought that the Warco was probably the machine for us BUT didn't have the green to meet the scene at the time (as flippin' usual) and decided to put off the decision for a little while. Christmas came around (inevitable as death and taxes) and the back covers of the ME & MEW revealed Chester UKs latest round of seasonal offers... including a 4.5" swivel head bandsaw for =A3125 inc VAT and carriage. Duly purchased. I love it! It's really made a lot of jobs much easier (sawn 1.5" SS, MS rounds, box, flat, angle, I-beam WHY. Chinese blade doesn't like Phos. Bronze/Brass??). Really, really wouldn't like to be without it now... I've seen the little CY90 type saws in our local factors showroom. They seem OK, but I think you would be well advised to save for the bigger one IF you can afford the space... You'll be amazed at what you'll be tempted to cut... Cheers, Scruff.
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