Where can I get some items machined?

Forgive me if I'm asking in the wrong place but I need some advice that this
seems like the right place to get it.
I have an old laptop that I'm trying to keep running because although it's
now seriously underpowered it's nice and compact. The problem is that one of
the hinges has snapped. I've failed to find anybody that can furnish me with
a replacement and suddenly realised that although that original is a casting
that perhaps its possible to machine one out of a lump of steel.
Basically the piece is about 4mm x 15mm x 10mm with a couple of corners cut
off and a couple of through bolt holes (untapped). I can create a CAD file
to describe it.
The manufacture of such an item seems to lend itself more to the scale of
model engineering rather than full scale engineering.
Can anybody recommend any companies that I might use to get one (or two)
made? Or perhaps point me in a direction that I may not have thought of.
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Any engineer from the Yellow Pages could do it but if it's that simple a shape why not get a bit of scrap and do it yourself with a drill and a file? The minimum charge from any engineer is going to be more than the pc is worth.
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Dave Baker
Try your local model engineering society, there's bound to be someone who will do it for a few quid, a local engineering firm will cost you a lot more.
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You can probably find a standard hinge of similar size that you can modify.
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Neil Ellwood
If you send me the CAD file, I'll knock one out at work during one of my "after hours" machining sessions, if you cover the costs of the material and a couple of pints.
Email me the file to snipped-for-privacy@cf.ac.uk if you're interested.
Neil Ellwood wrote:
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