Where can I get a manual for a Safety-Kleen 250 parts washer?

I dont see them on their website any longer so evidently they arent
making them anymore.
I need a technicians manual for mine. And any actual hands on data I
can find for it. Its started 'beeping" every 10 minutes or so. Im sure
the solvent resevior is low..its a recycling system parts washer and
it doesnt heat up either. All the fuses are ok, but there is a big
1/3hp motor located at the bottom of the unit that seems to be very
hard to turn by hand..and as far as I know..its never run.
anyone have a Safety-Kleen guy I can get a techs manual from?
Gunner, who is busy redoing his shop and yard facilities
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Just wondering if this was ever resolved? Seem to be having an issue with ours and can not find any information online about it.
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