Can i get solutions manual:

I need the solutions manual to Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics 5th,
The homeworks are so long for this class and concepts are confusing.
My email is maxwell
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Try what I did, over 50 years ago. I was in deep trouble in a fluid mechanics course. I took the time to go back to the first chapter of the text and read carefully, dealing with the concepts- and trying to answer the questions the end. repeated this with the next section. After a few chapters, something clicked and the rest was a piece of cake.So often it is a little thing at the beginning that is the problem. When you get to be an old fart like me- then you see that many concepts in EE are also applicable in other areas of engineering (and the reverse is true). At some earlier point in the course, you have missed something- go back to it. If you have a problem with an assignment- surely you have a prof that you can talk to. SAhow what you have tried to do and you may just get the little kick that will make the difference. Solution manuals won't do this as they are fine for checking answers and some give the processes involved but if you really do not understand these processes, you are up shit creek without a paddle.
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East River shark?
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