WANTED: Gravel Hound 58328 Instructions Manual (PDF or DOC)

I have just bought my Gravel Hound 58328 RC car, my first RC car. I got it
off eBay and the box was sealed when i got it. The problem is i could never
find an instructions manual in the box. I have contacted the seller and
Tamiya but both of them couldn't do anything about it. The seller said it
was the manufacturer's problem and Tamiya can't help me out since im in
If anybody could email me their instructions manual in any document format
(large resolution appreciated), I'd be more than gratefull to you. I'm stuck
with this unassembled RC car and can't do anything about it.
Email Adress: snipped-for-privacy@sympatico.ca
Thanks !!!!
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Janvier Doyon
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That's odd, I thought Tamiya in California handled all the problems in North America but apparently not. If no one can help you you'll have to contact Tamiya Japan. Try this:
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The Keeper (of too much crap!)
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