eBay shipping gouging? Did I get gouged?

Without causing another 'eBay be damned' thread, I just want opinions.
I bought a 1/72 kit, bagged from the manufacturer. The seller had
posted clearly in the auction $7.50 for shipping. I had no problem
with that, expecting it to be in a Priority Mail box costing, what,
$5.25 or so to mail? Give them a little extra for expenses. It arrived
today, in a 6" x 9" bubble envelope, 1st class, for $1.56. I asked the
seller if they intended to charge nearly $6 above the postage & this
was their response.
"hi, i never know how much items are to ship, depending on location
it can be different amounts. Several models i recently shipped were
more than i charged because of location, so i cover my self. A simple
car model cost me 7.50 + box fees because it went to the upper
coast.People do not seem to realize the overall cost to ship, the
envelope cost money, the gas to go to the post office, which is not
close to my home. It is shipping and handling. I am not a buis, i do
not get any deals on shipping. There is also the ebay fees and paypal
fees. So in the end i do not make much money. You saw the shipping
charge when u bid on the model, and did not question it. When i go to
the post office i do not know how little or how much they charge, i
have a idea. If you were in Seattle it would have cost me more, thats
the nature of the shipping. but to let you know, that model originaly
cost me 25.00 and i believe is out of production, so you still got it
for a great price. Thank you"
Other than clearly trying to make extra money & not pay eBay fees
on it, I can't see where gouging another $6 is fair, for a 50 cent
envelope. I told him as a seller myself I understand his predicament
but that his way of gouging $6 wasn't the proper way to do it & eBay's
calculator is quite accurate in my experiences.
Like I said, if they had at least put it in a box since it was a
bagged kit after all.
So, am I being anal or what? As a seller myself, I surely
wouldn't do it. Thanks for the input.
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Personally, also as a seller, you got shafted
I'd complain to E-Bay about the difference between what he charged and what he actually paid
To set a generic shipping charge because "some of my stuff costs more" is absurd
You can calculate exact charges on the fly within the E-Bay listing - he obviously is trying to get more money in his pocket that the final selling price
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After thinking about it overnight, even tho I did get overcharged for shipping as opposed to what he actually paid, he was up front about it. I did know it in advance, even tho I didn't expect it to be mis-used. I did get the item & it is in good condition so I guess it's irrelevant as to what I paid vs what he paid. One thing that does chap me. The SOB said he refunded my shipping. Funny thing, over 12 hours later, no refund's shown up................
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Complaining to eBay will do about this much good.............0 ! ol ' 45
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Ol' 45
I would mention that as of the 19th of this month ebay will start taking a percentage of the total cost including shipping. This is their way of acknowledging that inflated shipping has been going on - they decided to get a piece of it! Their carrot is lower listing fees. Then they give you, the seller, the stick at the end of the sale.
Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.
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Mad Modeller
I know eBay used to have an example in their Excessive Shipping Policy that went something like this, "if the seller charges you USPS Priority Mail on a DVD but sends parcel post, then that is excessive."
I know when I listed some stuff in February, I went to the post office and all they had were those flat rate boxes that were $10.95. So when I listed my auctions, I had to list shipping at that price.
Towards the end of the auctions, I went to another PO and they had the regular medium sized boxes, which dropped the price down to $7.95.
Most of my auctions were similar kits (1/72 scale Dragon armor, 1/48 scale Bandai, etc.) so many were bought by the same buyer.
I just charged the $10.95 and put them in a bigger box, but still sent it priority mail.
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Rob Gronovius
Just an update, the seller refunded my entire payment. However, I think in all fairness, I'm going to send the kit back to him. First class, of course, in his same envelope he shipped it to me, tho wrapped in a plain brown envelope. When he specified $7.50 for postage, he didn't specify what method. I just assumed he'd use about 75% in paying for it, (probably a small Priority box) not pocket 75% of it. That's OK, I'll send it back & he can gouge someone else.
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I hate to upset the apple cart here but I dont think there was any gouging going on here... you knew up front what the shipping was and your bid probably was adjusted for that shipping cost. I do buy and sell and have a 100% satisfaction but always use priority mail for shipping in the USA. Still have had some problems with folks that thought I was charging too much even when my cost was higher than what they paid for shipping.... it is a little like being upset because the bathroom in the mall has air dryers instead of hand towels... you knew what you were getting into before you placed your bid. Bob
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