Myford cross slide controls

When I bought my Super 7, I was told that there was a washer missing
underneath the cross-slide handle - basically the micrometer dial
doesn't move when you wind the cross slide in and out. I tried using
the washer from underneath the compound handle (same part number) and
it just jams. I then made some different washers from brass shim stock
but couldn't get one to the right thickness to prevent jamming or give
enough friction to make the dial turn.
Any suggestions?
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It should be a washer made of spring steel and given a slight curvature to proved the necessary pressure. This tends to need tweaking to get the right feel. For a similar job I have successfully tried a Belville washer home-made in phosphor-bronze.
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Charles Lamont
Thanks, Charles. I'll have a dig around to see if I have anything suitable in the parts bin...
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