Myford cross slide turret

I got one of these a month or so ago. The turret itself is undrilled
at the moment, so i still need to do this. What's stumped me is set-
up, is there an easy method of setting it up so it is central in the
spindle each time I want to use it, I can't see any obvious way of
doing it. This didn't occurr to me when I bought it :(
Stu G
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--Easily done; make a round bar, secure one end into one of the six sockets in the turret, then with the bolts that secure the turret to the cross slide *loose* crank the cross slide until you can tighten the other end of the bar in the headstock chuck. When it's tight you can tighten down the turret mounting bolts. Before you pull the bar out of the headstock chuck remember to zero the feed dial so you can find 'center' again.
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That makes it a lot easier than I thought it was going to be, thanks very much Ed.
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