Neat cutting oil

Can anyone recommend a universal neat cutting oil - at the moment I'm using
soluble oil in my cnc mill, and as it only gets infrequent use suffers from
the degrading that happens with this stuff. I say universal as it'll be used
on virtually all the metals at some time or other. I'll need a 45 gallon
drum of the stuff if anyone knows an economic source.
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Andrew Mawson
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Have a look at Smith & Allan
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. They have a vast range of industrial oils, including their own brand neat cutting oil, at very reasonable prices.
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Andrew, I am using Excelcut from Exol lubricants at the moment. J&L Industrial (or whatever they now call themselves) do a range of their neat oils with differing properties and viscosities.
I am not getting any staining or solidifying of the oil at this time.
Price is reasonable in 25ltr drums.
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Pat Martindale

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