New toy!

My ArcEuro X3 was delivered today.
What a nice thing it is. I've never owned a brand new machine tool
before, and so far I've not really done much past get it installed and
take a few test cuts, but it is very pleasant to use.
The only thing was looking at the pristine table and thinking "I'm just
know I'm going to ding that..." :)
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Nigel Eaton
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Some thin Zintec steel sheet cut and folded to cover the table either side of your normal vice position? A selection of more square shorter lengths to cover either side of a clamp to table setup? Better heating in the shop so you do not fumble with the cold?
I can understand exactly how you feel. I have a piece of ply which always goes under the chuck on the lathe when removing, waste of time though the ways are covered with existing dings!
Enjoy your X3, I would be interested to hear your feelings after a few weeks of use.
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Richard Edwards
Nidel, which model of Matchmaker do you have and what control is on it? Mark.
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In article , "" writes
I'll check when I get home.
I'll be honest, I really doubt now that I'll ever get the thing commissioned. It's really too big for my setup.
Anyone interested?
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Nigel Eaton
I always preferred the mint flavoured ones
Regards, Tony
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Tony Jeffree

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