Newnes Engineers Pocket Book by F. J. Camm

Along witha variety of old bits and pieces I bought with my lathe was "the subject line". No publication date is evident, the only item that dates it is an advertisment for ""Practical Engineering" at 4d Every Thursday.

Has anyone any idea how old it might be?

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Richard Edwards
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well it was 4D in 1940

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ALSO 4D in 1952

if you look at google ebay results

so quite a long time period to date it .

Wish we had prices like that, that never went up, these days!

all the best.markj

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Used a 90s version of the Newnes pocket book at work. I have ten bound volumes of Practical Engineering from the 1940s. Also FJ Camm's 1941 pocket book of workshop calculations.

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