Old throatless shear

Hi everyone
I've bought a very large and very old (1950s?) throatless shear. The
makers mark is cast into the machine and rather corroded - I think it's
a Besco, but I've not been able to find any information on it. I assume
it's an English make. It's similar in size and design to an American
Beverly B-3. The main difference seems to be the clamp that holds the
lower blade.
Anyway, it needs new blades and I'm trying to find out if Beverly B-3
blades will fit, or could be made to fit with a bit of machining. Does
anybody here have a B-3? If so, could you measure the length/width/depth
of the blades and let me know what the dimensions are? Also it would be
useful to know the spacing of the three attachment screws for the upper
For reference the blades on my shear are:
Lower blade, L: 5 3/8 inch , W: 2 1/2 inch , D: 1/2 inch
Upper blade, L: 6 1/2 inch, W: 1 1/2 inch, D: 1/2 inch
The mounting holes for the upper blade are at 1, 3 1/4, and 5 3/8 inches
from the handle end.
The lengths are measured on the cutting side of the blades. The length
of the lower blade is the only Beverly B-3 dimension that I've found on
the web and it appears to be the same.
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Besco was a trade name of F W Edwards (the initials might be wrong.)Edwards the company have been going for over 100 years.Some stuff is badged with a London address but they ended up in Somerset.Been swallowed up many years ago by the people who also bought Pearson that made the pressbrakes. They have just moved up to new premises in Coventry. Your best bet for blades is to ask some of the firms who make shear blades to quote them for you.Good toolmakers can also do small blades like those.My choice would be Winston & Allen in Sheffield. Mark.
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Hi Mark Thanks for the info. I'll probably have to get some made, but I expect the cost will be prohibitive. Cheers, Matt
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Bystronic is the name of the company now. Mark.
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