Painless way to Black alluminium


The question is more or less as per the title : is there a painless way to blacken alluminium (6082) which doesn't involve the palaver associated with anodising (eg acid baths and electric currents). Ideal would be a solution of something innocuous that you can immerse the part in at room temperature and just leave for a while than take the part out and be done.

I know "paint" almost fits the description but the blacked areas need to be to a close tolerence which makes paint a bit non-ideal....

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They list blackening solutions in their on-line store.


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I already knew about this but thanks for pointing it out anyway. From the description it does not give a very good black unfortunately and aiui the colour (brown) is a bit prone to rubbing off.

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I asked recently about anodising and got some useful info. However, I found a local anodising firm who was willing to let my job piggy back on their next load and it worked out cheaper than it would have cost me to set up to do it - maybe try yellow pages for a commerial anodiser and ask?

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