Reposted - Irwin vice problem

Reposted, as I cant see it on the group,

Of all the problems that need to get solved, it would appear the simplest is proving the hardest.

I have been given what looks like a new condition Irwin vice, Which to me is really a record quick release vice.

Problem is when vice is tightened, it doesn't grip.

I googled this, and even compared the quick release with another vice I have.

The only obvious problem I could see was the flat steel strip that holds the dog down, and activates the release, was twisted as opposed to the one I have that works which is straight, or flat.

So, I straightened it, but it hasn't cured the problem. Anyone got any ideas where the real problem lies ?


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In article , Emimec writes

Well, it appeared OK here, and got a couple of responses. Something wrong with your news server?


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David Littlewood

Oh ! ok, yes, there is an obvious problem with my reader, outlook express. I will look around for an alterative. Thanks Bob

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When there is such a problem, it can be resolved by unsubscribing and then resubscribing. It usually results from discrepancies of time or message sequences between you and your Usenet provider.

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In the past it was usually due to a news server failing and the backup having different reference numbers for posts. The next time you download your computer tells the server the number of the last post you downloaded from each newsgroup, if the numbers are out of sync on the 2 servers you end up either getting a lot of repeat messages or some new ones are missing. But it's about 8 years since this last happened to me.


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Alan Dawes

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