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I have a 5" Richmond dividing head with the drive spindle etc for differential indexing (but alas no gears) I'm going to move to a Divisionmaster electronic system and will need to strip off all the differential indexing drive gears etc to mount a stepper. These mods will mean that the dividing head will never go back to what it was! However if someone has a similar quality 4.5"-5" dividing head that's already had this drive gear removed and actually wants one with differential indexing capability I'd be happy to consider a swap to avoid unneeded vandalism!



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Charles Ping
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if it makes you feel any better, I did exactly the same with a bigger dividing head 18 months or so ago. It felt a bit like a criminal act, but I haven't regretted it. Except that I still trip over the bits I chopped off, keep meaning to put them on ebay & never get round to it.

Anyone want a biggish (7"?) dividing plate, sector arms, indexing arm with spring pin etc., and a double sided indexing plate of similar diameter?

Cheers Tim

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