Richmond Dividing Head

Hi everyone

I have just recently acquired a Richmond 5" universal dividing head in poor condition but recoverable, with a good clean and some paint. The gear with long sleeve which fits over the worm input shaft and I assume holds the index plate is missing. Is it possible please for someone who owns a Richmond to send me a photo of the item and dimensions so that I can make a blank sleeve to mount the index plate, I am not bothered about the gear at this stage I can make one once I have the assemble up and running. Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks Roger

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How did you get on with your Richmond Head? I have one, complete as for as I can see. Mine has a spindle in line with the chuck axis opposite the chuck which impedes turning the body of the head for vertical use. Have you a similar one and have you discovered how to remove it? You could email me as I'm new to this setup and have not found my way round yet.

Thanks Nigel.

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Nigel Williams

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