Dividing head question

I'm looking for a small dividing head for use on a Mini-Mill. On Ebay people
offer 8" or 12" heads and I don't know what that means. How are dividing
heads measured? By swing, like a lathe? Or height of centerline above the
table? Or what? Thanks for any help.
Roger in Vegas
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Roger Hull
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The 8 or 12 refers to the max dia of work that could fit on the machine. So the 8" would have its centerline 4" from the table.
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explanation on this one. Not bad price if it stays there :-)
Roger Hull wrote:
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8" or 12" refers to the diameter of the revolving plate - the area you place the work on.
Bob Swinney
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Robert Swinney
--One way to look at size: if you need a crane to move it I'd say it's too big for a mini-mill. 12" is definitely overkill. I've got an 8" and I use it on a Bridgeport; works fine for everything I've encountered so far..
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