Sanding Disc Adhesive

Some years ago I was given some adhesive to attach sanding discs to the
aluminium face plate of my linisher.
It was a water based adhesive, pink whilst wet but drying to a deep red
colour. It had to be applied to sanding disc and face plate, allowed to
dry and was then a contact adhesive.
The sanding discs always stayed in place during the heaviest use, but
could easily be peeled off without ripping.
Any surplus glue remaining on the face plate could be rubbed off by
I believe it might have been made by a company called Bones in the
Birmingham area.
Is anyone familiar with a product like this? What is its proper name
andwhere can it be obtained?
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Dick Gays
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That sounds like a latex contact adhesive. It or somthing similar is likely to be found at a home repair store, as it is commonly used to secure laminate countertop materials in place, as well as to install some types of insulation.
Cheers Trevor Jones
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Trevor Jones
Mark Rand RTFM
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Mark Rand
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I suspect that 'Copydex' residues might not be very easy to remove, my first choice would be 'Cow Gum' (get it from an artists' supplier).
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Mike H
I got something very like that (though not those colours) from Tilgear a few years ago, though I don't think it was in their catalogue - I just picked it up at the store.
I don't think they have a web site, but the phone is 01707 873434.
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Norman Billingham

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