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While it should not affect anything, I now have a new home for the Model
Engineers Digital Workshop. With the amount of traffic that was hitting the
local servers I've given in and am paying for a remote one at 1and1 and moving
all the old domains to the one location seems to have gone painlessly.
formatting link

There will probably still be a few broken links so if you spot anything let me
Now that I have more bandwidth I'll start filling in some more of the project
sections. I have much of the indexing of the model traction engine stuff
sorted. It's just a pity I can't make the actual Model Engineering articles
accessible. They will be loaded but for personal use only.
At the moment the email address will stay the same although I have a number of
alternatives so it may be worth using a dedicated one for 'me' traffic :)
I've paid for the stand for Harrogate so I should be there in May ;)
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