starting circuit electrics on a diesel escort

I wonder infayone can give me a pointer?
My 1994 1.8 diesel Escort (standard) has stopped working. I started it up,
drove it a foot and stalled (did I stall it or did it stall? I do not know).
NOw I can turn on the ignition and the normal lights come on, including the
light which indicates the glow plugs are operating. But the glow plug relay
does not operate (I shorted it and can get current through the bus bar while
it is shorted). Also, when I turn on the starter motor not a word is heard,
not even a moan. New battery (12 months ago), so it isn't that.
I wonder if anyone knows if when the glow plug relay gives up its ghost will
that stop the starter motor working?
Also I wonder if the starter solenoid failing would cause the glow plug
relay to stop functioning?
I hope this problem is not as elusive as my rattly bearing was. This is
electrical and those wires travel all around the place.
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Billy H
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These cars have a large fuse carrier pcb fitted and over time it gradually fails with age, the tracks crack and eventually break loosing parts of the circuit. I know this because it cost a friend of mine a lot of time jumping the cracks with wire until it failed totally and he had to buy a new expensive board.
Martin P
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This is visible on the underside of the board if this is the case?
If this is not my problem not, I wonder what is??
I'll have a look tomorrow and get back to the group.
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Billy H
On or around Sat, 4 Nov 2006 17:47:44 -0000, "Billy H" enlightened us thusly:
either that or a relay gone somewhere. sounds like a connection fallen off, TBH. The "ignition" switch may be the culprit.
hmmm. on second thoughts... what sort of fuel system[1] and has it got an immobiliser?
[1] mechanical pump or electrontically controlled pump
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Austin Shackles
I shorted the ignition switch, it blew a 60amp by the battery. Replaced and ignition switch dis-assembled (it is hefty - there is nothing wrong in there) all lights are same but the relay does not fire.
I shorted the relay across the bridge and terminal then tested heat at plugs (they heat) , without my short they do not heat..
It is twelve years old, time for me to kick it!!
I need a new relay and/or solenoid I think.
2 door, should I take both alarm switches off?
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Billy H
I didn't get under the circuits in the fuse box. But that was the second time in 12 hours I'd heard it said.
I put a test light between the bus bar and the glow plugs, nothing.
With the relay open I bridged the switch (seems the solenoid in there is not energising) and then put my test lamp back on the bus bar and earth. This time current.
Not what I'd expect, the glow plugs and the starter motor being supplied though the one relay but my plan now is to provide a new relay and take it from there.
-- Billy H
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Billy H
Have you got this sorted yet?
If not, drop me an email to mtb-ruleshotmailcouk, as I've had plenty experience with diesel escorts.
Anyway, the glow plug relay not working should not affect the starter motor, unless there is some other electrical gremlin.
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M Cuthill
Well, I got it going!
It aint an earthing problem, the relay and the solenoid on the starter are a-okay.
Trouble is I don't know what the problem was :o(
I took a lead direct off the positive terminal on my battery and hooked it onto the cap on the fuel cut off solenoid.
I heard the relay click so thought to give it a whirl. Yup she starts first time.
SO I reckon, being twelve years old and I can't be arsed with electric too much (I'll have a look around somemore of course), I'll take two metres of cable, crimp one end onto the fuel cut off solenoid, hook the other to the battery, pass the middle into the cabin and snip the wire, bear some ends and twist 'em together each time I want to use th car. If I feel posh I think maybe I'll fit a little switch.
Any concerns?
It aint goona stop if I got the cable on the fuel cut off solenoid... and as was pointed out, I have a nice 80A fuse next to my battery... and a good pair of legs.
This reminds me of the way my father used to start his flat back Bedford back in the eighties, it wouldn't turn off with the key, he had to pull the wires apart. Kept him going for years.
-- Billy H If it aint broke, then why not?
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Billy H
Thanks for that, I shall do.
I've got it running, but as I've noted in another post, not quite conventionally.
I see a fuse B1 in the book, and I cannot find it in the car.
Advice says either circuit fault near ignition switch or faulty fuse box.
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Billy H

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