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Hi All

I am in the process of rationalising my toys and the contents of my workshop and also to raise a few much needed quid.

I have an 18 inch square cast iron surface plate which is very much surplus to requirements. It doesn't have a makers name cast into it, nor does it have a WD crows foot. Its probably a generic British plate from sometime the mid 50's to mid 70's. Its not inspection grade but aappears to me to be quite useable for general workshop use - definitely more than adequate for marking out which is what most people tend to use them for ;o) (waits for incoming barrage!)

The surface is pretty good - doesn't seem to have suffered the indiginty of being used when hammerinf rivets or nutserts etc!

Its currently located a couple of miles north of Cambridge and would need to be collected - tad heavy to post! I can lift it but wouldn't want to carry it more than 30 yards!

The price = £25 seems reasonable to me - a Chinese cast iron workshop surface plate 300mm x 450mm costs around £240 from J&L, doubtless you can get a cast steel plate for a lot less, but do you really want a cheapo cast steel plate when you can have a (probably) British cast iron plate for £25 quid

Interested? - drop me a mail but just remember to REMOVE THE.OBVIOUS. from the reply address



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